Women’s work is still 2 minutes late for the illegal overtaking killed people jailed for Yangtze Evening News Network September 19th drove on the way to work, because the road is blocked up, Ms. Lu Taizhou two minutes late, she accidentally impatient illegal overtaking a woman killed. Yesterday morning, Taizhou City Hailing District People’s Court on the landing of a traffic accident case trial, sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years and 2 months, suspended for 1 years and 6 months. The prosecution said the prosecution, who lives in Shen Gao Zhen Jiangyan District of Taizhou city public Lu, 40 years old this year, at a local unit of any warehouse keeper. In September 7th last year at 7 o’clock, Lumou coastal avenue to downtown Taizhou Jiang Chunhui road work. Due to road congestion, Lumou opened 20 minutes, but also from the unit more than 3 kilometers, at this time has been 7:28, and the provisions of the factory work time is 7:30. There are two minutes late, Lumou worried, while speed, while pressing the yellow line illegal overtaking, when you see an old lady in front of, everything is late. The car accident led to the death of the old lady. Identified by the traffic police department, Lumou illegal overtaking, did not pay attention to traffic road conditions, the full responsibility for the accident. After mediation, Lumou himself out of 150 thousand yuan, together with the insurance company’s compensation for the families of the deceased were compensated. After the incident, the deceased’s family issued a letter of understanding. But Lu’s behavior has violated the criminal law, the court yesterday morning the court made a verdict. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original and her boyfriend pique the driver drunk driving hit the dead相关的主题文章: