Wuhan two college graduates raised $190 thousand to build Roof garden, Wuhan University, graduates to build Roof garden". Yesterday, one of the graduates Yan Xiu said that investors have been interested in this project. In June last year, graduated from the law school students show Wu Yan passing college entrepreneurship practice center, found the roof roof has a piece of idle. Since then, he and the same faculties of the students had Chaomeng Huo transform this piece of Tiantai thoughts. They found the students to learn the city design, do the roof space design, but also to find relatives and friends to raise 190 thousand yuan, began to transform. Rooftop structures from the beginning of July of that year, until the completion of the year in October. They joined the other members of the group, will be dozens of varieties of hundreds of plants on the roof of the roof, but also built a small cabin for teachers and students to open. In the winter of 2015, due to leakage, freezing dozens of pots succulents and other plants. Then, they changed the plastic film to the sunlight. This spring, Luo garden of Wuhan University Teachers and students held a small tulip exhibition, more than and 500 tulip bloom. Now, the different professional background of the alumni joined the City College of design students perfect garden layout and cabin amenities; School of journalism students from the media operators Luo photos, love students to join; plant landscape group, take care of the flowers. Today, the rooftop garden is quite famous in the alumni circle. From the beginning of April, Luo garden and Jiang’an District Youth League Youth home, to establish a long-term cooperation, every month from Jiang’an District Youth home to children plant manual public class. The children planting plants will be the riverbank in the youth house to raise public space to display, sale, and other ways to raise funds to claim.相关的主题文章: