Xiamen Gaoqi fire garbage and trees surrounding fire with flames! Smoke was rolling in! Around 9:10 this morning, a warehouse near the cargo center! So! Burn! Play! Big! Fire! Nearby residents heard a violent explosion! Fried! Sound! According to nearby residents Mr. Liu, at nine twelve in the morning, I heard someone shout "fire", Liu hurried out with a shovel to the fire, ran out and saw that the fire is too large, simply can not control, hurriedly call 119 for help, and yell, remind a withdrawal. The less the fire, the smoke billowing in the field, even the side of the garbage heap and trees were burned! The! Play! To! While waiting for the fire, the scene suddenly heard a loud noise, suspected gas tank explosion, residents Liu was back several meters, and soon, the voice of the fire engine came, rescue workers rushed to the scene to extinguish fire! According to the Strait Herald reporter (micro-blog) the latest news, after an emergency fire for a period of time, the fire has been basically brought under control, but fortunately, there are currently no casualties. There are a few rabbits on the roof, was burned out. Passing by the public, with a small video phone! Urgent reminder! Xiamen buddies early autumn arrival Xiamen recent droughts have occurred repeatedly within a few days of fire! Even the little charging treasure also tempted to burn! Play! To! The! This morning, Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee released a micro-blog, charging treasure spontaneous combustion! Word days! Shi scared the scene to zoom in on your feelings – and there’s a real fire in Xiamen these days! Point! Too! Many! The! Down down down yesterday morning, friends @ my party wow Lang post broke the news: Xiamen Tongan CDC on fire? Smoke billowing… The day before yesterday, my darling! Another netizen @ I love painting post broke the news: Lake Road opposite the 1 fire, please pay attention to avoid the fire truck passing by. Then, there are users @ music instrument speed feeding: on the night of October 30th broke the news about 10:30, five gold agency rental building on fire, you know… All safe. I hope..! Also in October 30th, a fire broke out in Xiangan. Netizen @ Shu blue Hao, broke the news: October 30th morning, Xiangan Zhao Gang Road Dazheng Plastic Co. plant fire, smoke billowing. Although the fire has been extinguished, but it seems that the loss is not small. You must pay attention to the pro ah! Recently, God was a little hot for you a vehicle also useful Wanglaoji jdb! Or to prevent their own learning! These obscure fire hazards quickly get! 1, the fire caused by cigarette butts, winter wind and little rain, cold and dry air, beware of fire caused by smoking, many smokers readily throw cigarette butts are bad habits. Smokers should consciously, self-respect, self defense, cigarette butts snuffed please throw. 2, electrical failure caused by fire, some sockets, lines due to electric shock sparks caused by fire. To do before inspection, after maintenance, avoid aging disrepair or often caused by fire accident handling Pengpo wire. 3, the fire caused by welding welding Mars personnel must be certified with fire training, with deep awareness of fire prevention. Pay attention to whether there around cotton, plastic, cloth should be in welding,;相关的主题文章: