Yang Zhen: French German lottery Wendan Switzerland at Yang Zhen hard to win lottery recommended 1,   VS     Bulgaria;   promotion: 3 French opener 0-0 with Belarus draw Baojialize 4-3 victory over Luxemburg. Before the French side of the news, defender Mathieu quit the national team, but the French in the guard position is not a lack of people, especially the Bilbao defender Laporte has just named. For France, when Benzema return is the primary topic. Disc two ball two ball half low water, so deep dish, found not to be too much. 2, Luxemburg VS Rui   Canon       promotion: the team has Holland and France, Sweden, want to qualify, in the face of such a team must win the 0 Luxemburg. Since Ibrahimovic quit the national team, the Swedish attack cannot give people confidence, so to face Luxemburg, the disc guest Let the ball half water, I think there is a possibility on high water resistance of hanging wall. In fact, Luxemburg only to the weaker team grab points, draw with Sweden the difficulty is not small. 3, bearing   blue VS; white         Russia; promotion: the first round of the 3 Holland 1-1 group phase draw with Sweden, Belarus and the 0-0 draw with france. Just because the absence of the European Cup finals, Holland is currently in the reconstruction period, so as not to give too much confidence, especially with the strongest French team opener belarus. High water dribbles half ball, hanging slightly water, Holland heat is not high, I think Holland can win this game. 4, the Hungarian VS   +   Rui;     promotion: 13 Swiss first beat the European champions in Portugal, but at the same time the midfielder Zaka red card suspension price. The Hungarian 0-0 opener and the Faroe draw, poor performance. The Swiss guest Let flat half high water, with two first round performance, game player can only believe that the Swiss grab points, win, lose half Bo hanging, hanging high water is detrimental to Switzerland, the field I see unbeaten. 5, Belgium VS wave   black       31; promotion: Belgium is now the world’s top 3 ranked teams, Bosnia and Herzegovina, by contrast or slightly vulnerable. But the first round of the game, both teams are very good, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina 5 goals, attack in good condition. The last European Cup qualifying, Belgium once in the home court 3-1 beat Bosnia Herzegovina, the Asian plate a ball half water, the pressure on pay is relatively large, I think the draw up better. 6,   and VS in Cyprus; La       promotion: 3 the last European Cup qualifiers, Greece coach Ranieri was too horrible to look at performance, but also because of the bad performance class. But again, I think Greece is probably not so sluggish play, the game against Greece in Cyprus, let a ball ball half)相关的主题文章: