Business What I wanted to do in this article was a zero in on two ideas for making money on the Internet. If you are doing research you have probably come across hundreds of ideas and this will help you target things a little more easily. 1. Email marketing is an excellent way to make money online both today and in the future. There are many ways to do email marketing including building your own list or mailing out offers to other people’s list. One strategy that gives you potential for an online income is to build your own opt-in email list. The benefit of doing this is you will always have the names and email addresses of people to market too. One effective way to build an email marketing list quickly is to purchase co-registration leads. When you do this you do not do any of the actual marketing and a lead company gets the leads for you. The important thing is that you work with these leads and get to know them as people and not just names and email addresses. This form of relationship building is critical to your long term success when it comes to making money online. 2. Another idea for making money on the Internet is to start a blog and monetize it. You have probably seen blogs on the Internet and you can quickly set one up using Blogger. They are owned by Google and you will want to join the Google Adsense affiliate program at the same time that you join Blogger. If you are not sure how to set up a blog you can hire someone to do it, but Google offers tutorials on the best way to get started with them. Google Adsense is an affiliate program and you can also monetize your blog by joining other affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs will offer marketing materials such as banners that you can place on your blog to create income. Another way to make money blogging is to purchase advertising and place your affiliate banners on other people’s blogs. This is fairly inexpensive and every time someone clicks on your banner, and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. As you can see combining blogging with affiliate marketing is an excellent idea for making money. In summary these are two ideas for making money on the Internet that is not hard to do and can pay off very well for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: