YY  LIVE million fans female anchor is how to make? People.com.cn – Entertainment Channel — people.com.cn original title: YY LIVE female anchor of millions of fans is how to make? At present, many broadcast platform, poaching and active anchor job hopping is not in the minority, but settled platform from the beginning of the veteran anchor is not so easy to make up the YY LIVE, the first batch of anchor COD in the face of a generous commission bear platform still remain calm, adhere to stay in YY LIVE to continue their anchors the road. Cod bear is the first batch of video entertainment anchor, one of the anchor is also the first contact YY voice platform. At the beginning of the broadcast industry, in order to improve the quality of live, often stay up late to collect data, often at 2, 3 points still write it, for a less than 20 year old girl is not easy. Hard to nature is not in vain, she created the "cod", "one day bear class cod show" multiple programs, won the fans blitz, and for three consecutive years to become the YY entertainment annual festival red carpet host. With the continuous development and expansion of the YY platform, "my biggest trump card program" gold line, COD bear naturally into the program, and by virtue of the ability of individuals has made brilliant achievements, and now she has become the Queen hosted YY activities. In addition to having excellent hosting capabilities, the radio program in Himalaya is also popular with the majority of fans. It can be said that the 24 year old bear made in the current network platform of COD in the results is very significant. The COD live bear, by virtue of its superior eloquence and wisdom and the majority of the audience favorite piece, the life she was a quiet woman literature. As the first batch of anchor, COD bear witness and participate in the growth of YY LIVE, in which the harvest of his career; in late September 7th 8 -9 channel 99, "my biggest gold medal" two anniversary, she will appear in the show still, together with many anchors, to bring you a surprise. (commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: