Zhang Jike visits Huang Yongyu   for the old artist wearing gold – Painting – people.com.cn original title: Zhang Jike’s visit to Huang Yongyu as the old artist wearing gold Zhang Jike visit Huang Yongyu today, Zhang Jike micro-blog said, very honored to have the opportunity to visit Mr. Huang Yongyu. Feel the artist’s passion and sincerity to show the world their own personality, art has become a natural inspiration for people’s lives, a medium of blood. Sports people and the Olympic Games, too… Who is Huang Yongyu? Self taught art, literature, as a "genius", he designed the monkey stamp and alcoholic liquor packaging known to every family. A "permanent" Drunken Master "records" the jade "Wu Shimang forum" "wife, don’t cry," "the melancholy debris" "along Seine River to Florence," "the sun" landscape "river of no worry dissolute man" and other books. Painted "Ashima", the Chinese Zodiac stamps "monkey" and the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall landscape painting, etc.. In Australia, Germany, Italy and Mainland China, Hongkong opened an exhibition, its artistic achievement was the commander in chief of the Italy award. High reputation at home and abroad. Huang Yongyu Huang Yongyu was due to poor family, is out to make a living at the age of 12, went to Anhui, Fujian mountain small porcelain workshop as a child, later removed to Shanghai, Taiwan and Hongkong. The 14 year old began to publish works, after a period of time the main prints, the unique prints well known at home and abroad. At the age of 16 began to make a living hit off paint and wood. In 1956, Huang Yongyu published the "Huang Yongyu collection" the representative of woodcut, "leadership", "Ashima" had a China painting. In 1978, the British "times" with six pages, made a special report on Huang Yongyu’s painting. The afternoon of August 31, 2010, at the Beijing Diaoyutai State Guest House, Huang Yongyu was hired as the president of the National Academy of painting Chinese edition. (Yinghai, Hector: commissioning editor Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: