Zhao Wei, the "reduction" pictures of Ali shares, as a "business" Zhao Wei a family of three according to the Hong Kong stock exchange documents, Zhao Wei in October 5th 799 million 300 thousand shares aliying shares, valued at HK $1.571 per share, the shareholding ratio decreased from 8.14% to 4.97%, cash of HK $1 billion 255 million 700 thousand (about 1 billion 86 million 720 thousand yuan). In fact, this is not the first time Zhao Wei couple holdings Ali pictures. According to Wind statistics, in April 29, 2015 April 30th, Zhao Wei couple had two consecutive days, the share price of HK $3.9, Ali pictures holdings of 256 million shares of the company shares, representing 1.22% of total share capital. Last time, Zhao Wei couple to reduce the price of the highest point in history and pictures of Ali shares of HK $4.4 per share compared difference of only HK $0.5, it can be said that the reduction of timing is very accurate. As a result, Zhao Wei was once the media as the entertainment circle of female Buffett said. However, some analysts have pointed out that the reduction is significantly different from the previous. First of all, the reduction is not in the two market to sell, so did not trigger a sharp change in the stock price; secondly, the last couple of Zhao Wei is a successful profit, and this is the loss of Zhao Wei". According to the Hongkong stock exchange announcement, Zhao Wei and her husband in October 5th energy-saving OTC holdings of 799 million 300 thousand shares of Ali pictures shares. It is worth mentioning that the transfer price is lower than the purchase price of HK $0.029 shares. Insiders pointed out that because Mrs. Zhao Wei is a public figure, as Ali pictures two shareholders need public property changes, is not convenient, so Zhao Wei couples choose "money" transfer.相关的主题文章: