Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry issued a double 11 consumer warning do not just buy buy buy double 11 upcoming, all kinds of online shopping platform advertising has long been overwhelming. According to the analysis, the annual double 11 shopping spree, consumer complaints have shown significant growth. If the payment payment orders were cancelled, shopping cart, stolen goods does not fulfill the provisions of 7 days no reason to return. To this end, the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry released yesterday, double 11 consumer alert to remind consumers to choose carefully, rational consumption, retention of evidence, attention screening. Newspaper reporter Li Lijun Zheng financial media to keep spending vouchers, cautioned against the interests of Industrial and Commercial Bureau, consumers in consumer goods than three, than the price, than quality, than the reputation, try to choose a good reputation, high quality business transactions. To do, what to buy, to avoid the waste of social resources caused by irrational consumption. Written evidence in the role of consumer rights is very important. Consumers through the online shopping platform to buy goods, should be properly preserved commodity details display page, business commitments, and the seller chats, order dynamics, shopping invoices and other consumer vouchers. Once the damage to the legitimate rights and interests, to reflect, to avoid the delay exceeds the national statutory return and replacement warranty time node. Pay attention to the screening of goods online shopping 7 days no reason to return with the exception it is understood that not all goods are 7 days no reason to return, consumers custom, perishable, online download or unpacking of consumer audio and video products, computer software and other digital products, newspaper and periodical situation is not suitable for 7 days of delivery no reason to return, the majority of the cautious consumer.相关的主题文章: