Zhongshan Avenue street public park at the entrance of the sidewalk open by the end of 12 meters wide wire hidden underground street will "grow" multifunctional integrated bar from the end of last year started since the comprehensive renovation project of Zhongshan Avenue Road wusheng road to one yuan has been half a year. Wang Mingjun, deputy director of the construction of the three Zhongshan Avenue Project, Zhongshan Avenue renovation project has been more than half of the pipeline is being carried out along the intersection of the 18, the transformation of the road. Wang Mingjun said the pipeline is difficult to change the relocation of the project: along the water supply, drainage, electricity, telecommunications, gas and other related pipelines, involving a large number of pipeline relocation and protection." But after the completion of the effect will be a bright spot. In the future municipal pipelines here will be unified into the ground, originally in the pedestrian overhead wires are arranged in a crisscross pattern to hide underground, replace the lights is a set of "beauty" and the video monitoring, lighting, traffic signs and other functions in a "integrated bar", can be used as a street lamp, can be equipped with monitoring probe. It is reported that, in order to make way for the people, the whole of Zhongshan road reconstruction project on the motor vehicle section of varying degrees of adjustment. Wusheng road – friendship in preserving the status quo of bidirectional 6-8 Lane scale, outside lane for bus lanes. Friendship road – a road forward from the current situation of two-way 6 Lane compression for two-way Lane 4. Forward all the way – Huangshi section of the transformation of the bus lanes, prohibit the passage of social vehicles, lane is now two-way 4 Lane compression for two-way Lane 2. Huangshi road – one Yuan Road to retain the status quo of 2 lanes to the main bus. Station Road – Shou Shou Street section of the pedestrian lane. The car gives way to the road width of 8 meters, the sidewalk width of Zhongshan Road, 24 meters ahead of the way forward to the four sections of the road, which is one of the core areas of the people’s Park is surrounded by Jianghan Road district. Reporters on the scene saw the day before, this is about 500 meters long road underground pipeline has been laid, the construction of concrete roadway has been completed, will soon be covered with asphalt. The workers are laying bricks for the sidewalk, and behind them a wide, flat walkway extends, and the sidewalk is wider than the driveway. In the construction of three Zhongshan Avenue Project Manager Assistant He Yinglong told reporters here before the unilateral sidewalk width of 3-5 meters, road to 4 lanes, and now the unilateral sidewalk width of 12 meters, the roadway is changed into a two-way 2 lane, 8 meters wide, only the bus pass. That is to say, the road on both sides of the sidewalk with a width of 24 meters, is 3 times the width of the roadway. Before the sidewalk paving is ordinary tiles, this is used is the granite tile. He Yinglong said that in addition to the thick road for pedestrians to walk, but also can be used as emergency lane for ambulances and other vehicles. Reporters noted that the edge of the sidewalk every 6 meters on the left there is a hole, there will be a fatong. It is reported that the project will be within the range of more than 3 thousand trees planted trees, shrubs, more than 20000 square, at the end of the open street, there will be a tree in sight. Restore the history of a building to spend a month to clean up the restoration of Zhongshan Avenue Jianghan Road to Huangshi section of Wuhan’s famous wedding street, gathered a lot of wedding business. Reporter visited to see, here is the construction of underground pipelines, while the road on both sides of the building facade restoration work is being carried out, reputation相关的主题文章: